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Welcome to my very own slice of the world wide web. This is an account of my trials and tribulations as I try to forge ahead on this spinning globe and get myself a 'career' in the process. Please read on and make sure your feet are clean. Thanks!

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Feedback from all areas has shown me that a really important aspect of getting somewhere with your career is focus.....
....and this could be something I have lacked as I stumble about the job market admiring pretty titles and impressive salaries....
......a bit short sighted perhaps but I cannot apologise for way I have been put together,

But the news is, hot of the press
is that I am going to become more focussed. I will target all efforts in a manner that will see my hard work pay off rather than frustrate and aggravate.

Watch out for the focussed Dave

Thanks you and good night!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

working hard................................

Been a few days since my last update. My legions of followers have been upset so I have returned to satisy all craving for my job based raving. Life at VSO is going along quite well. Seems to be a pretty forward thinking HR department which bodes well for experience to be gained. Shame about the temporary nature of the job. There is a full time position vacant but I think it should go to those with better VSO experience. This is what I would expect and it is not good to go crushing hopes when someone has worked so hard. Might apply. Might not. Maybe another phoenix is rising from the ashes of my past.....

.......can you find a phoenix in a watery grave?

Monday, 13 June 2011

wonderful wonderful world......

Meanwhile back in the wondefrul wonderful world of work Dave soldiers on...but where is he going and where will he lead himself?

nobody knows the answer. Not even Dave.

He does know that in his current role, albeit, temporary he is making himself quite useful. Helping to clear up tasks that haven't been exciting enough to warrant attention. He is good at that. No job too big, small, dull or exciting. Like a member of the A-Team he is primed and ready. What you tawkin abou foool?

The next stage of his magical, mystical journey..

lies somewhere in the future. Where is the future. When he wakes up tomorrow will it be the future? Maybe just maybe with a little bit of positive energy he will become...

is it time to hit the job market again??

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Well, I am now two days into my new temporary job. Typical first day (45 mins early - hello coffee shop!) where not a lot seemed organised and my appearance was almost a surprise. A welcome surprise? Using my highly tuned office skills it took me no time at all the find some filing to do. Only one paper cut as a result of half a day sifting, sorting and rearranging.

 Pretty good for an old HR professional. Second day was more of the same but with an IT induction and HR team meeting thrown in. The IT seems familiar and my technobluff seems pretty good. In the team meeting I contributed and added some value.

Pretty sure this will soon fit me like a pair of comfortable slacks

Seems that my exceptional interpersonal skills combined with my aspirational nose for an opportunity might see me into my twilight years. Hopefully in a permanent position. Permanently..........?

Monday, 6 June 2011

poetry........ my new medium for expressing my experiences and stuff about job hunting.....etc etc

My Job Journey: Bexley Heath to Uxbridge:

Sweet pea in the hot South

Online was too long

3 dimensions and she is closer to me

University in the cold North East

I took severance

The job was not for me

Birkbeck uni was my first

Three against me

And the job went internally

Male grooming and I am polishing my face

Ironing shirts and tying ties

I have to break into this rat race

EDF in Bexley Heath was a long way away...

I spoke not of corporate competency and experience

Speaking in truths

They said no to me

Then to Uxbridge I roared

Annadarko greeted me

But felt I would be bored

BP in Sunbury with a free bus

Interview was good

Did you not read my CV

Gazprom with offices by the water so fine

We spoke of coordination and experience

Thought it was beneath me so it wasn’t mine

I thought the Union would be fair

Interview was dry and dull

I don’t despair

RBL is a modern place

Red poppy in my jacket

Close but no cigar

Chinese conglomerate by the park

Human resources for them

I missed the mark

Amec was the place to be

Interview was long and interesting

Feedback was not for me

Charity job was temporary

I went and saw

We never met again

MacMillan was not once but twice

Knocked back times two

Me thinks this is not for you

Construction company at Kings Cross

Mix up in selection suitability

This was a dead loss

Microsoft with all its technology

Interviewer tried to advise and redirect

So why interview me

Agencies must see me

Passport please

Market getting busy

Off to ping pong school for me

Barack didn’t stay

For them I was wrong

Working for a community trust

Stop gap vacancy

With no interview this is a must

Telephone interview was new

What are you saying

This is not for you

Equinox for my healthcare

Didn’t need an interview

This opportunity is rare

Business School in a beautiful place

Talking and testing

They did not want to employ my face

Wellcome thanks to Henry

This place is amazing

I had poor competency

Oil and gas in South Quay

With my diving experience I sold myself

No onshore success for me

Now a temporary assignment

There for one day

This job was not meant

VSO job for me

My recruitment skills are strong

Shame it is only temporary

Feedback is always strong

The recession making it harder

Permanently glued to the internet

Permanent opportunities are out there

But now I am being social

The battle goes on and on…..

jobs job and jobs....

Sometimes when you are waiting for a bus nothing comes along for ages and then three come all at once. All going the right way so what do you do? I had a job hunt day like this last week. After a period of relentless generic knock backs and one false start I suddenly had three offer (2 interviews and one certainty) sitting in my lap. After much thought and bill destroying phone calls I opted (sensibly) for the position which involved no interview. This has got to make sense?

I just posted this on the wrong blog and had to correct by copying and pasting. My skills are only partially disabled.....

Thursday, 2 June 2011

one day in heaven.....

My most recent lowly temp job lasted all of one day before I was given the.........
......I must admit that I didn't shed any......

as I have a fairly hard heart and tough outer skin. Although I am pretty.......

....on the inside.

Why did the job finishe so quicly? I hear you silently scream. Well, because I was open honest and upfront about the other interview I had arranged they decided that I was high risk. What lesson have I learned? Is honesty a strong characteristic to take to a job??

I will keep climbing this job....... I know there is.......

...ooooooohhhhhhhhh, lots of lovely mixed metaphors so better go now!