Daves' Diary

Welcome to my very own slice of the world wide web. This is an account of my trials and tribulations as I try to forge ahead on this spinning globe and get myself a 'career' in the process. Please read on and make sure your feet are clean. Thanks!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I seem to have strayed from my original theme for this intermittent blog diary. What was it again? See earlier (original) notes. The theme was the hardships of life. Mainly involving work, relocation, redundancies and other general mid-life mishaps. 

Work-wise I have been in a job (just the one) for the last 20 months. Something of a record. Big brand, busy job but many things not right with it. Could go on at great length but will save all my loyal readers from that hardship. Also I am in a coffee shop typing this on my mobile internet fone device. Modern man has not enough patience to go on ad nauseum. But suffice to say that I worry too much about what I do. Have a girlfriend now so find myself more pleasantly distracted by other better matters.

Coffee to gulp and go.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Steve's stagger...

Went on Steve browns stag weekend to Edinburgh. Dressed him like a gaay beeee'atch
He looked good.

We went out. Not once but twice. Consecutive nights hurt. I am having breakfast and feel rough. Luckily I am hard as old boots.
Food was good and needed. Might have skittered pants need to check.
Has been good weekend. Let my hair down. Bit of a grumpy old fart but that is ok.

No work next week.
Will be good to have a break but won't see Marie

But we will see each other soon. Smiley face.

Steve is good man and I wish him very well.

Train home soon.

La la la la la.....