Daves' Diary

Welcome to my very own slice of the world wide web. This is an account of my trials and tribulations as I try to forge ahead on this spinning globe and get myself a 'career' in the process. Please read on and make sure your feet are clean. Thanks!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Due to the high volume of applications we anticipate. You will, very probably, never hear about this job again.

Many thanks,

Black Hole Recruitment 

Monday, 3 November 2014


My last post was courageously titled self-determination. This was because I felt I was making a positive career change. Moving within the industry to another senior role. I was won over with conversations about being on 'same page' etc etc. What bollocks. The job lasted 3 weeks and half a day before I was let go. Rotten luck or deserved? Definitely not deserved. But the cards are now dealt and I have to dust myself down and start the next chapter..

Met Calum and June at today's job centre appointment... went like they always do. Tick a few boxes whilst exuding confidence and dismay.

Went home and baked a banana cake.