Daves' Diary

Welcome to my very own slice of the world wide web. This is an account of my trials and tribulations as I try to forge ahead on this spinning globe and get myself a 'career' in the process. Please read on and make sure your feet are clean. Thanks!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Breaking out...

5 months unemployed has seen me, again, develop a semi-comfortable routine/rut by which to live my life. I now have to break away from this and build a new work focussed rut...!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Longevity 2

In a previous post I considered staying in my 'long term' job. I didn't do this and moved on. When I got 'released' from the new job after only 3 weeks my world came crashing down. 5 months later and I starting a new job journey.....!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Got job details

Only by phone
No handshake
No eye contact
No competency
No suit
No tie

No waaaaay.........!


Got job with NCR in Dundee today. So happy/relieved/exhausted that I am drunk....!!


Might get a job soon. Vibes are running at about 62% positive (highest for last 6 months) but we will see. Historically I can read situations poorly! Will probably have to leave Aberdeen (for how long....?) if I want to put a red pen through this chapter of my life!

Thursday, 26 March 2015


The long wait is pretty hard to handle (I am discovering this again and again....) emotionally, psychologically and in any other way. Do I relax and let events just unfold? I am inclined to get involved where I shouldn't, think too much, work myself into a quiet frenzy and shed silent tears. Not dealing with situation very well....!!


Waiting for feedback from interviews is tough. What is happening, how long, turnaround times, plan plan plan.......still better to be stressing about this than get no interviews at all..!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Telephone interview

Thinking about face to face interviews can be stressful. All the prep, research, presentation, hair, choice of suit, choice of shirt and tie, eye contact and firm handshakes. All quite tough going. Not to mention perspiration.

Telephone interviews require same prep but can be done naked if you choose.


Had telephone interview today (NCR as last week) and it went much better, again, than I had anticipated. I am being a bit too glass half empty rather than look at possibilities and opportunities. Is this a Scottish trait or just me? Because I felt last weeks manager handled it poorly I expected same again but surprise surprise I was wrong. Manager was good and we spoke at length. Reasonably confident in a pessimistic way....

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Yesterday's effort....

Interview with Prudential in Stirling. Went better than anticipated. Competency based conversation went well. I did not perspire or cry (only on the inside). Would be very pleased to get an offer. We will see..!!

NCR Interview no.2

Had a telephone interview with NCR in Dundee last week for a 3 month gig. Kinda odd as was speaking to German lady in London. Was unsuccessful and got no feedback (see a previous post/s) so wrote them off my list of prospectives. But, wait, halt, stand easy.... They have a second opportunity for which I am being interviews tomorrow!

Monday, 16 March 2015


Long (3 hour) drive to location. This job will mean moving away from aberdeen. Early arrival. Check out venue. Drive into town. Find tesco. Buy sandwich and deodorant. Eat sandwich and change in car park. Still early so writing this!

Bob chance mon Amis!!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

No CV please....

Aberdeen Council has a recruitment system that does not need you to submit s CV. Cannot decide if this is good or bad. Don't think it does me any favours with my fragmented past and present situation....

Monday, 9 March 2015

Aberdeen University job

Unsuccessful in my half (quarter) hearted attempt to secure/win this job. This saved me some anguish and a bothersome decision. The feedback was highly generic snd no use at all.

Anyway they didn't shake hands or offer water (see previous 'etiquette' post)....not unhappy but sad not to have s job..!!

Sorry but....

Sitting in coffee shop (where else...) reading notes for telephone interview later today. At the table opposite (I am earwigging) a young man is being let go by his manager. Interesting to hear as it is being dealt with very professionally. All about opportunities, strengths, the grass is always greener....

Have also been to DSS for my earlier (unnecessary) signing.

How much busier and exciting will my day get......JOB SUCCESS TODAY!!

Love a trier....

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Have an interview on Monday for good job in Dundee. This excited me greatly so I rushed out and bought a new suit (having ironed mine shiny for my last interview..) as mine needed replacing. URGENT change and interview is now by phone. At least I have a new suit.....maybe new job too!!


I have a phone interview on Monday for temp job with NCR in Dundee. Job is absolutely what I do and know. It is in Dundee and this intrigues and, sort of, excites me (middle age does funny things). Wouldn't see Marie so regular but we have discussed. Might actually make us closer or even bring a deeper intent from me. We will see as haven't got the job yet....

What, pray tell, excites me about Dundee...? Actually, sadly, think it is the job that excites me (another mid-life conundrum..)

Stay posted for updates...

Thursday, 5 March 2015


At an interview I expect at least a hand offered to shake. After the strenuous hand shaking ceremony a glass of water would've nice. I got neither at today's interview....

Wednesday, 4 March 2015