Daves' Diary

Welcome to my very own slice of the world wide web. This is an account of my trials and tribulations as I try to forge ahead on this spinning globe and get myself a 'career' in the process. Please read on and make sure your feet are clean. Thanks!

Friday, 22 July 2016


Despite my ongoing non-success at office job interviews it seems my future (short term) lies in retail. I have a part time job starting with Sainsbury next week. Had to jump through several hoops to get it. Should be more excited than I am. Must buy suitable trainers.


In Starbucks waiting for my hot coffee to cool. Have another council interview later this morning. Going on past experience I am managing my expectations accordingly. I am a 'good' candidate in many ways but not the correct ones. I will give this a good go but don't think I have a great chance. There you go. Downbeat.....

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Next please

In a coffee shop (drinking tea) getting ready for an interview in 18 mins. 
Must go to toilet
Good luck to me.


Here I sit
back in my original coffee shop. Why? Because it is quieter with less hardcore house music pumping through my head. Actually the musac is on and, ironically, still annoys me. I am, after all, trying to prep for another council interview today.
Will this be my lucky day....can I make the luck happen? Beware for exciting updates xxx


Interview with Sainsbury next week in Cove. Part-time 21 hours p/week. Maybe shopping and customer-led interaction is where my future lies. Access to bananas too!

Saturday, 9 July 2016


Historically when applying for customer service jobs (retail e.g. John Lewis, M&S) I get rejected fairly immediately after I complete the online tests. These are situational judgement tests designed to assess your suitability working with customers and colleagues. I always fail but in the last few days I have passed. What does this say about my personality? Am I changing? Why am I changing? Now I have to turn online success into actual feet on the ground employment.

Friday, 8 July 2016


Today is the end of another week on the roller coaster. Still no job secured but I am still hanging on. Going to Silver Surfers this morning so have stopped end route for an Americano. I just did some gas. Bit pongy. I asked the staff here in my usual upbeat chatty way if they had the Friday Feeling. The all replied 'no'. Must be me I thought but actually they blame the weather:
I do too
The sun will shine soon I am sure.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I am now applying for jobs where a killer question is 'do you bite your nails'.....not yet is not an acceptable answer....

Friday, 1 July 2016




I got two job knock backs today. Taking it on chin. Tomorrow is another day. Next week may be paved with gold. I am drinking gin.

3 x interviews

I had 3 interviews this week. A veritable bonanza of opportunity. Two of them I am desperately keen on but, in true Dave style, I feel very negative about how they went. Neither were a disaster but I feel they didn't go as I had hoped. Do they ever? The 3rd I felt went well and I was a dead cert for the job. Didn't get it. There is a pattern perhaps? In a coffee shop mulling over events. Past present and future. Coffee will bankrupt me!